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Being thought leaders in Technology is key to being a successful technology services company. MethodHub’s technology leaders help us stay in sync with technology trends to propose innovative, and in come cases, disruptive solutions, to our customers.

Probeer Das
ERP Technology Head and CTO

Probeer works out of Houston, TX, has over 15 years of high quality ERP  architecture, development and implementation experience. Probeer currently heads of Energy Service practice  while being the CTO for the company at large.  Extremely customer-focused and a workaholic who appreciates technology nuances in a business context, Probeer has been instrumental in growing the Energy practice.

Gurpreet Kaur
Head of Projects

Gurpreet brings over 15 years of software development experience with technologies ranging from cloud to mobile, analytics to payments. Joining Methhodhub through the Mindful Systems business acquisition, Gurpreet is our Chandigarh site leader.