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People are the heart of any business, more so, the software services business where the stock in trade is IT skills, business understanding and technology expertise. MethodHub’s people team helps us identify talent quick, engages with prospects to excite them to join us and retain them over the long term, thereby bringing in new capabilities, ideas and new ways of doing things. Longer terms bring more customer engagement stability, knowledge retention and keep rehiring costs to a minimum.

Hiring faster, losing slower- there is no better HR mantra to follow!

Rajesh Gogumalla
AVP and Fufillment Manager- Logo Accounts

Rajesh Gogumalla heads fulfilment for Logo accounts and works typically on high expectation requirements, helping MethodHub grow with large, reputed customers. Fulfillment is a key differentiator for us and Rajesh epitomizes this thinking working on tight specs and managing the fulfillment process end-to-end. Having fulfilled for clients like Apple, Facebook, FRB. Twilio,VMWare and Change Healthcare, Rajesh brings technology understanding and customer context to fulfillment.

Rajesh is an MBA and lives in Hyderabad, India.

Rupesh Kannam
Fulfillment Head – Service Provider Accounts

Scaling fulfilment is key to being able to service large customers. Not only do customers expect us to get it right, they want the process to be repeatable and scalable. Rupesh’s focus is on building a scalable, process-driven fulfillment and onboarding engine.

While we service large customers through service providers, we get to grow faster, shorten the experience curve and build a virtual pool of resources for future engagements. The initial connect, constant professional messaging and process orientation in the fulfilment process helps us keep consultants engaged and excited over the long term, assimilating knowledge of customers business and technology landscape.

Rupesh is graduate in Computer Applications and lives in Hyderabad, India.

Fulfillment Manager Thailand/South East Asia

Kanokporn who heads fulfilment for us in South East Asia services leading banks, energy majors and telecom service providers in Thailand. Diverse and highly exacting specs with total focus on local sourcing in a very competitive talent marketplace- that’s Kanokporn’s work.

Kanokporn lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

Pannipha C
Business Development Manager

Pannipha heads business development for us in Thailand, where we operate under the name, Nemera. Pannipha manages business engagements with our existing customers while exploring opportunities with new prospects the region.

Pannipha lives in Bangkok, Thailand