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A growing company like MethodHub needs solid business leaders to constantly engage with customers, get customer mindshare and thereby get walletshare. Our business leaders have helped us grow fast, the quality of their engagements has got us logo customers with immense potential to grow internally and referenceable to grow elsewhere.

Ashok Krishnan
US Business head

Ashok Krishnan, US business head, has over 25 years of experience in managing consulting services companies in Singapore and the US. Running a small company which served Fortune 500 firms like WellsFargo, Matson, NetGear, Cushman Wakefield etc, Ashok is extremely customer-focused and helps MethodHub align to customer needs better. Ashok, living in Tampa, FL is a Computer Engineer and an MBA. Besides being a voracious reader, Ashok is a serious and diverse music listener.

US-Business – Service Provider Accounts

Rajeev works out of Chandigarh, India has over 15 years of US consulting experience as a business development leader and has helped MethodHub grow significantly through acquisition of service provider accounts. Rajeev managers customer relationships to help us grow fast with logo accounts thro established service providers.

Shivram Ganpati
Canada Business Head

Shivram lives in Toronto, Canada, heads our Canada business and has helped us establish a foothold in Canada to grow rapidly from. With leading service provider clients and a  few project customers, Shiv  manages customer engagements while doubling up to support Operations.

Rohan Katoch
Business Development – Consulting

Rohan heads consulting business in our engagements with homegrown US consulting firms. One of the areas of opportunity is the fulfillment support required by these local US companies as they handle competition from global consulting majors. Local touch is combined with global sourcing capability in this model and we see tremendous ability to scale adopting this model.
Working out of Chandigarh, Rohan manages relationships with leading local US firms to service them across North America.

Tahir Hussain
AVP and Program manager

Tahir is an AVP and Program manager with MethodHub, helping the company to onboard and consolidate its presence with key customers. With over 10 years of fulfilment and account management experience, Tahir is good at understanding technology and business context of the customer better and faster than most.

Tahir is an MBA and lives in Bangalore.