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WorkPlatform Transformation

Cloudify, Migrate or Change

The only constant in software is change, and change happens for a variety of reasons. Competitive action, category-busting products, business environment change, disruptive business strategies- the list goes on.
Adapting, even driving and leveraging change is key to a successful business franchise. MethodHiub helps customers migrate, upgrade, change to new products, platforms, services and systems.Keeping exit barriers low is one sure way of staying nimble and amenable to change and MethodHub works closely with customers to formulate a seamless transformation plan.

Lift and Shift of applications, flexible roll-in and roll-out of resources, redeployment of redundant resources, time-based migration plan with business continuity are all intrinsic to any transformative work nby MethodHub. Our customers will get the benefit of a pragmatic, inclusive approach which brings in experienced, proven resources to workplatform transformation
Migrating from On-premise to cloud, to a more current and successful platform, Upgrading to subsequent versions of the same product to stay in product support are all activities of workplatform transformation which is a major part of our work.

WorkModel Transformation

Time and Material, Fixed Bid. Capped T & M, Outcome/SLA-based billing and BOT

The key to any successful transformation is changing the way we work, or, in fact, changing work as we know it. Our technology expertise and experience enables companies go digital, move to cloud, automate mundane tasks, do more work real-time and make more work visual and collaborative. This obviates the need for many work components, removes duplication, automates significant functions- all resulting in less work, sparing the workforce for critical functions requiring executive intervention.

WorkForce Transformation

Multi-modal, Multi-skill, Multi-cultural and Multi-source

At the heart of any digital transformation is transformation in thinking. If the thinking doesn’t change, little else will. MethodHub works with enterprise customers to globalize their workforce without impacting short term delivery. Diversifying internal team composition is also key to bringing about long term change, most of which is driven by human factors. Diversifying is a multi-dimensional process- age, race, education, background, orientation, geo- all bring in the mix needed to thrive in the global world of today.

WorkPlace Transformation

Location-specific, Location-agnostic and hybrid

Covid has accelerated workplace change, probably irreversibly, in a more profound way than any other intervention/event in the last 150 years. Ever since the industrial revolution of 1850s, when people moved from WFH to Work from Factory or Office, centralized work delivery has been the norm. In a major shift, enabled by technology and precipitated by health concerns, WFH or broadly Work from Remote has become acceptable, even preferred. This change has opened up tremendous scope for cost arbitration and opportunity to scale due to the remote model.

Follow the sun, make your back-office someone else’s front-office, globalization of markets as well as delivery are all major considerations and contributing factors in this change which happens once in-many lifetimes. Due to our global sourcing and delivery model, MethodHub is well positioned to meet this challenge and expectation of global enterprise customers.