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We are in an Interdependent Planet!

We have, over the last few decades, realized that the world is one, big global village. While the positive side is more equitable distribution of resources, wealth and opportunities, the flip side is the quick travel and effects of the pandemic. We also now realize that Covid is not gone from anywhere, until it has gone from everywhere.

For MethodHub community development and participation are not buzzwords, these are intentions backed with actions. We exhort employees to participate in community building over weekends and should events come during the week, we offer paid time-off for causes we strongly believe in. While there is a lot of good we can do, we have narrowed it down to 4 major initiatives which we will work on and support with contributions.

Our Four Major Initiatives

Physical and Mental fitness

Education for the orphaned

Spreading literacy and reading ability

Juvenile Hunger

Want to participate?

MethodHub has major community participation plans from 2022 after 2 years of muted efforts due to Covid concerns.