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Hospital-Provider Contract Management System

We have built an RFQ and Contract management system between hospitals and its providers. The hospitals can create RFQs and invite providers for bids.

The system provides the workflow to compare bids and award contracts based on quote, technical and other eligibility criteria.


  • RFQ summary for buyers
  • Bids summary for providers
  • Contract summary for buyers and providers
  • Organization Activity Summary
  • Pending action alerts

RFQ Management

  • RFQ Wizard
  • Provider Invitation and Communication
  • Bid Manager and Comparator

Contract Management

  • Contract Templates
  • Digital Signature workflow
  • Modification and Renewal workflow


Kredibl offers a service platform for organizations to collaborate with their service providers Organizations can subscribe to the tool via a subscription process while the service providers can access the tool via an invitation sent by the host organizations. Kredibl has a provision to invite team members for both the user types. The application further allows the users to upload documents like the trial balance and chart of accounts in xls and pdf format, it enables users to access the Kredibl GL Codes and supports easy mapping of the trial balance sheets with the corresponding GL codes.


Alternative Data Platform Cloud/Data Analytics

AIROI is an AI driven platform that empowers you with research, new insights and visualizations enabled by harnessing a wide range of research and data sources covering disparate fields like finance, pharma, global trade, weather, geospatial, demographics, macro health, etc.


  • Analytics
  • Report Builder
  • Favourites

User Management

  • Add Team Member
  • Role Based User
  • Team Management